The Advantages of Online Banking

Still have doubts and difficulties with online banking? Making the technology leap when it involves your hard earned money is understandably difficult. There’s a huge trust and security factor connected to online banking. While the security breaches of online sites have become all too familiar, these are predominantly occurring on retail giants, private companies and healthcare websites. The security measures put in place for banking websites are ironclad, using the absolute latest in security technology. Consider the following advantages of banking online as motivators for overcoming fears and concerns about security.

  • Your accounts are secured by the FDIC for theft, internet breach or fraud. This means that if your bank is hacked, or just your individual account, the bank is responsible for returning every dollar compromised.
  • Say goodbye to that arduous task of monthly check writing. Take envelopes, trips to the post office and return address stickers off your list. With the click of a mouse your funds can be sent and bills can be paid.
  • Click it and forget it. Set up a monthly payment plan for your mortgage, rent, cell phone and all monthly recurring shopping bills (yes, we need new outfits every month). You can even set up a monthly transfer of funds from your account to an individual/personal account. Send you parents or children money every month? Have the funds directly transferred into their accounts. One time bills can be paid through bill pay as well. Simply enter the payee information, amount, select the date to be sent and you’re set.
  • Protect your credit. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting to pay a bill, having a check lost in the mail or concern about bill payment when you’re out of town. Once the payments are scheduled with your bank, they will be sent like clockwork until you make any changes.
  • Maintain Records. With the click of a mouse, all transactions from your account are visible. You can actually see where your money is going on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Join the online banking revolution. It’s secure, safe and convenient.