Creating a Safe and Smart Work Zone

Creating a safe work environment for crews fixing and maintaining roads requires excellent site management skills and the right safety equipment. There are a lot of affordable products that will increase the safety of you, your crew and the vehicles traveling through the area. Below are a few items that will help you develop a safer approach to any road project.

Reduce Manpower

The use of humans for flagging traffic at smart work zone creates a hazard and the potential for a person to get hit by a passing car. Using electronic flagging equipment will reduce the need for men and women to be placed in these danger zones. This an affordable way to increase safety at the work site. It is a smarter way to manage personnel and get the job done safely.

Painless Traffic Control

There may be a need to control the flow of traffic in order to move equipment around, or work on a portion of the road. You can set up mobile traffic lights that can be set for specific time intervals, or manually changed when needed. This is a smart way to monitor the safety of your crew and the people traveling the road in vehicles. You can station mobile traffic lights at each end of the work site and easily manage the flow from either end.

Trailer Mounted Warning Signs

Trailer mounted warning signs are great for specialized projects that require specific instructions to help drivers maneuver the area safely. The warning signs can be anything from moving arrows indicating the need to merge in one direction, or fully customized flashing signs telling a driver to “slow down, right lane ends, merge left,” or any number of project-specific instructions.

Speed Monitoring and Control

Keeping the speed of traffic down is essential for the safety of vehicles and the work crews. You can utilize trailer mounted speed indicators that let people know when they are exceeding the safe limit set for a work zone. Accidents can happen in an instant. maintaining a fluid steady speed can help save lives if the worst happened.

Contact work zone safety equipment specialists like Street Smart Rental and make safety a top priority!